No win No fee Solicitors in UK 2023

No win no fee solicitors or lawyers in United Kingdom in 2023

In brief and short, a no win no fee agreement is a way of pursuing an injury compensation claim with no financial risk involved, and with no legal fees to pay upfront. It allows you to pursue a claim safe in the knowledge that if you’re unsuccessful in your claim, you won’t owe us any money.

Also take note that we want you to feel empowered to seek rightful compensation without the looming stress of financial burden throughout the process.

Most of them do this without any hidden fees, no upfront costs, and no obligations from you. There are no risks to you, and there won’t be any surprises along the way.

What happens if I lose a No Win No Fee compensation claim?

A No Win No Fee agreement covers you from having to pay your legal fees should you lose your case. This means in the event that you did lose your case, you wouldn’t be charged any legal fees.

In most cases, when funding your case through a No Win No Fee agreement, we also take out an insurance policy known as ‘After the Event insurance’ (ATE) on your behalf to cover any additional costs, such as court fees and medical fees.

Also again, if you did lose your case, you wouldn’t have to pay the premium of this policy, meaning you will not have to pay a penny.

However, an exception to this rule would be if it was found that you’d acted dishonestly or maliciously in making the claim or if you’re found in breach of your agreement with us. In this case, you might be liable to pay costs.

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