International Divorce Solicitors Around Me

International Divorce Solicitors Around Me

Helping a client who is abroad or has connections to another country comes with unique challenges. We are family law experts and divorce lawyers who frequently work with clients on difficulties concerning children, financial disputes, and expat divorces.

With regard to sophisticated trusts and other financial arrangements, investments, and overseas pensions, we have professionals who can provide advice.

Is it possible to divorce in the UK if either my spouse or I live abroad?

Of course yes, you as a person may be able to divorce in England and Wales if you or your ex-partner are living abroad. You will need to establish a sufficient link to the UK so as to establish “jurisdiction”.

And surely this is most commonly done through living in the UK, but can be established through your other connections to the UK including any historical and family connections.

Is it possible to divorce abroad if either my spouse or I live in the UK?

Definitely, you may be able to divorce abroad even if you or your ex-partner are living in the UK.

We can assist in obtaining specialist advice in another country to ensure you are aware of your options.

Where exactly should I divorce?

Invariably, the country in which the divorce is finalized also serves as the location for the resolution of any related financial issues. To determine whether country will provide you with the desired financial outcome, it is frequently essential to seek immediate assistance before the divorce is finalized. This is because financial consequences on divorce differ significantly from country to country.

Language, accessibility, expense, and the enforceability of any final financial orders are further crucial factors.

We can provide urgent advice and liaise with lawyers in other countries to ensure you are able to assess your options and take the suitable tactical steps.

Next thing after we cannot agree where the divorce should take place?

It is frequently crucial to act swiftly and firmly to make sure that the divorce occurs in the nation where you would benefit the most. Please get in touch with one of our expert consultants right away if you think you and your spouse won’t agree on the divorce’s venue.

International Divorce Solicitors Around Me

In the event that you and your spouse are unable to agree on the nation in which to file for divorce, there may need to be an initial disagreement in this regard, known as a forum dispute.

However, the Courts in England will actually consider which country is best placed to handle the divorce using the forum non-conveniens test, and essentially deciding upon which court is best placed, for the divorce to take place. Then the links your family and their finances have to each country is often decisive so take note.

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