Complete Guide on getting Life Insurance with No Medical Exam

Complete Guide on getting Life Insurance with No Medical Exam

Life Insurance with no Medical exam today

Base on the fact that everybody knows that Life is a very precious thing to everyone, It is one of the vital and most important type of insurance every human being living in the world needs to get, just to secure and get all the benefits that’s comes from it all to ourself.

Possibility of getting life insurance without a medical exam?

Of course Yes, some insurance company offer no medical exam life insurance, and it’smost of the times called guaranteed issue or simplified issue policies.

Complete Guide on getting Life Insurance with No Medical Exam

And again in a very notable way, life insurance coverage requires a medical examination, plus a physical and blood test, so as life insurance with no medical exam allows you to qualify for coverage without an exam, and sometimes without even answering any health questions.

Also know that it might be possible to get a term or a permanent policy with no medical exam required, but this policy type can of course cost significantly more than those that require a medical exam.

What Perfect time I can get life insurance without a medical exam?

We have huge number of people doing it, so for sure you too may decide to pursue no medical exam life insurance for personal reasons, such as having a riskier occupation (fire fighter, window washer, construction worker, racecar driver, etc.), being a smoker, or managing a pre-existing health condition.

And surely, another thing is a fear of needles can be a reason you look for life insurance with no blood test. Or you may simply want no-hassle life insurance with no waiting period. As with traditional life insurance, younger applicants generally qualify for lower rates.

The types of no medical exam life insurance

We put together below the types of no-hassle life insurance without a medical exam allow you to apply for coverage quickly:

  • Simplified issue life insurance: know that this is best if you’re young and in good health but want life insurance with no waiting period, this type of policy allows you to skip the medical exam — if you’re willing to answer health questions and share your medical and pharmaceutical records. Your premium will be more expensive than a typical life insurance policy, but coverage will be available for longer than with a short-term policy.
  • Guaranteed issue life insurance: maybe you have health issues that have caused life insurers to reject your applications, guaranteed issue life insurance can be a way to get coverage without bringing your health into question at all. You’ll still need to meet age restrictions, and your coverage may be significantly more expensive and limited.
  • Employer-sponsored life insurance: just incase you have access to a group life insurance plan through your employer’s benefits package, it’s likely highly affordable (or free) and doesn’t require a medical exam. Coverage will be set at a percentage of or 1-2 times your salary — potentially not as limited as guaranteed issue life insurance coverage. Note that these policies may only stay active while you’re still with the employer and typically only offer limited coverage amounts that you may want to supplement with another policy.

Through a platform, you can also get a short-term life insurance policy online in just minutes without undergoing a medical exam. You’ll simply need to answer some basic health questions in your application.

Of course surely this affordable one-year term policy is designed for younger applicants starting out with life insurance or those with a temporary need for coverage, such as with a job loss or a need to temporarily increase coverage.

The reasons getting a no exam life insurance policy can cost more

Other thing is that it’s difficult for an insurance company to fully evaluate your lifestyle and health without health-related information.

And the higher risk they take on by offering insurance without the insight of a health exam is offset by a higher premium.

So, if you have a medical condition that you manage well, you may still qualify for a typical life insurance policy with a more affordable premium than the no-exam options. Shop around by getting life insurance quotes before deciding to get life insurance with no medical exam.

Main pros and cons of no exam life insurance

With Life insurance without a medical exam is a very continently way to get coverage quickly. Surely there’s no waiting period, the application is easy to fill out, and it may be easier to qualify for.

Note that it could provide you with an option for getting coverage that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to obtain because you have pre-existing health conditions or work in a risky occupation, talking about works like firefighter, construction worker, racecar driver, etc.

However, right before we finalize the whole posts, keep in mind that choosing a policy that doesn’t require a medical exam may significantly increase your premium and limit your coverage anytime you engage and join.

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